Sitemap - 2022 - Stories

I have persevered despite my challenges and setbacks

Life is 90% - how you react to it!

Learn by Doing

Never say No, to new challenges

I figured out who I was working for

Explore your potential even if a price needs to be paid

I touch others with the sound of my silence

Humble Yes. Needy No!

The fire in your belly - when you have it - is yours to keep, for a lifetime

I have learnt to dream with focus

I grew into a fearless warrior, with a little help from life

How to open another door, when the previous one closes

How to smell roses, when surrounded by garbage

Find more in yourself, than you ever thought possible

Add a doer to your middle manager

There is no substitute for hard work, done smart!

How to get ready for later-life entrepreneurship

Create conversations to clear confusions

Revisit your life for the dreams that you had

My work taught me to care without attachment

The Neti Neti way to finding your Purpose

Flow past obstructions like a mountain stream

When breadth is your depth, then influencing is your Dharma

Life taught me to dance with joy

Add a pinch of salt, to adverse feedback

Opportunities are precious - SAAS is bringing some more

The constructive rebel, in College

Care for a cause .. to completion!

I speak up because our time has come

India needs many more hopelessly hopeful

Find your authentic voice - to succeed on LinkedIn

Falling in love again .. this time with myself

Sports is the teacher of tomorrow

Move proactively, when Maslow comes

Manage a committee like a directed community

I learnt CEO skills in an Engineering College

Success is in staying on course technically and spreading wings along the way

Seek out disruptions to grow on new S-curves

Be immune to FOMO, Dream bravely!

Commit 400% to what you do

The future of work - Sat Santokh Vicharo

The future of work - Chardi Kala

Get back to Family. They have your back

How to be a disciplined dreamer

The story of KNOLSKAPE's birth

I took 8 years to marry my passion to my profession

Rural India - Focus on communication proficiency and Find a Mentor

Round peg in a square hole - is a feature, not a bug

Volunteering - as a career move!

Persuade with data, respectfully

Make friends with your Mind

Trust the Divine and go with the flow

Working with your boss - Mid career tips

Sales tips for Introverts

How to Persist

A day in the life of an evolved Social Media consumer

Career planning for lifelong creatives

How to create Opportunity

How to mix sports and studies and win at both

My journey to Product Management

How I wrote my 1st novel

Should I forget my engineering specialization for programming?

Celebrate yourself, not just your shades of diversity

I am not an introvert anymore

How I achieve my dreams with action


My start-up story from a tier-2 town

How I healed myself from a toxic workplace

How to dance like Shiva

Say Yes. Get them to say Yes

Fractals for Social Entrepreneurship

Be the Instrument

A Quest for Balance

Excellence is a Marathon

Do adventures. Connect the dots too

Walk the Talk

Ubuntu for Sales Success

Step into Content Marketing

Succeeding in Agile Environments

Techie Success is not Tech Stuff alone

The hare and tortoise - sequel

Rashmi flexes her muscles

How to get into the driving seat and stay there !

Talent is inborn. Dharma has to be found

Mindset is Everything

Timeless Wisdom for remote workers